Wendy Bond, LCSW of Millburn, NJ was trained at Ackerman Institute for the Family Practitioner of Schema Therapy. Specializing in women in transition, couples, parenting and special-needs families. 973.564.9556 x
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Each of us is a complex being, formed by our childhood history, our relationship to ourselves, and our relationships with others.

The inevitable frustrations, stresses and disappointments of life can leave us overwhelmed and confused. We may feel buffeted by our
emotions, out of control and unable to cope.

Wendy Bond, LCSW provides a uniquely safe and empathetic space where people can identify conflicts and self-defeating patterns while
gaining new skills for effectively managing life’s challenges. Wendy’s goal is to raise levels of awareness and mindfulness so that her
clients can move past pain and use their energy to flourish, not just survive. ​