Wendy Bond, LCSW of Millburn, NJ was trained at Ackerman Institute for the Family Practitioner of Schema Therapy. Specializing in women in transition, couples, parenting and special-needs families. 973.564.9556 x


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Until you get the help you need, it’s important to take care of yourself even though you may be distressed or in crisis.
By seeking help you are already on the right road.

Some generally recommended ideas for anyone beginning a journey of emotional healing include:​

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Pay attention to health habits: eat well and exercise.
  • Avoid alcohol for now because it is a depressant substance.
  • Live your life.  Even if you are in crisis, continue to spend time with friends and family who nurture you.
  • Try to be reflective and not reactive. It is okay to tell someone, “I cannot respond to this
    (comment/idea/action/request) right now because I am feeling overwhelmed. I will get back to you.